Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Influences and Inspirations: Brian Setzer

April 10: Happy birthday Brian Setzer.

I always liked the Stray Cats vibe. And I truly admired Brian Setzer, after the Cats broke up, for committing to a huge big band that enables him to go deep into the all the branches that intertwine with the rockabilly that he started out on: country, swing jazz, rock and roll. A great bandleader and entertainer, he has never stopped becoming an even better guitar player, as this rendition of Sleepwalk surely shows.

I never get tired of his ability to seamlessly blend all his influences into a hugely entertaining package that is raucous fun and high energy, while never skimping on musicianship and marvelous sophisticated band arrangements.

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1 comment:

  1. I remember watching MTV back in the early 80s and seeing the Stray Cat Strut video for the first time. I also remember that video as being the very first time that I couldn't wait to see a video again. A simple tune that was musically absolutely complete.