Saturday, May 26, 2012

Telesma - Action in Inaction

When trying to describe Telesma, you quickly find yourself coming up with so many different qualities that one can scarcely imagine all of them applying to the same group. Yet after hearing them you have to concede that yes, they are indeed a tribal-techno-psychedelic-trans-cultural rock band. And their new album Action In Inaction perfectly captures the magic of a band whose music is spiritually uplifting, emotionally moving, intellectually stimulating, infectiously rhythmic and hard rocking - all at once.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing For The Kids...Again!

I was delighted to be asked, for the third year in a row, to play a series of classical shows for kids at various branches of the Enoch Pratt Library system in Baltimore. There is an over-arching fairy tale theme for all the events, and the kids, mostly ages 3 to 6, are encouraged to wear costumes. The library staff plans various activities, story time and snacks. Sometimes the music is the center of attention, other times it's just in the background, but I always feel good about being there.

May 2012 Gig Schedule-Newsletter

April was a great month! I had such a great time playing for the Enoch Pratt library kids events again this year, click here to read my blog post on that. Let's plunge forward into the May schedule which has some great shows, and I'm including a sneak preview of the June schedule, because there are some genuinely special events coming up that you will not want to miss! Click "read more" to, um, read more.