Saturday, October 29, 2011

Put Down The Ducky

Just put it down.

Of course I'm talking about guitar, not saxophone. And of course I'm not talking about a ducky. I'm talking about your i-Phone, i-Pod, i-Pad, your X-Box, your TV, your Facebook, your Wii, your Guitar Hero, etc. There is nothing wrong with having a little diversion in your life. But if you say you want to play music, yet you spend your free time playing games, playing with your phone, texting, hanging out on social networks, watching TV, surfing the internet, or all of the above, you need to re-think your priorities.
It's time to break out of that mode of behavior. It accomplishes nothing except engulfing you in a passive consumer lifestyle in which no critical thinking is necessary. The goal of becoming a good guitar player gives you an opportunity to make a choice to walk away from all that.

It's really about having a passion for what you want to do. It's easy to change your priorities when you have found something you'd rather do than just about anything else. You just do it. That's how this guy got as good as he is:

Now I know, it's obvious Joe was a prodigy. But I have known plenty of talented people who never got anywhere, simply due to over-blown egos, lack of motivation or sheer laziness. I have never seen a motivated and hard-working student fail to get better. You definitely got to put down the ducky.


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